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Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602


Medical Treatment Visa Subclass 602

The Subclass 602 Medical Treatment Visa is a temporary solution for individuals seeking medical care in Australia or supporting someone undergoing medical treatment. It’s also applicable for those donating organs within the country. This visa allows applicants to extend their stay for medical purposes or assist a visa holder needing medical attention.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Purpose of Visit:

    • Seeking medical treatment or consultations in Australia.
    • Donating an organ within the country.
    • Supporting a patient or organ donor with this visa application.
    • Receiving an organ from someone traveling with you.
    • Arriving under specific arrangements between Papua New Guinea’s Western Province and Queensland’s Health Department.
    • For individuals aged 50 or older, previously denied an Australian permanent visa solely on health grounds, and unfit to leave Australia.
  2. Public Health Safety:

    • Shouldn’t pose a threat to public health.
    • Must not have a medical condition that could jeopardize public health.
  3. Visa Status:

    • Cannot currently hold or have previously held a Temporary Work (International Relations) visa under the Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream.
  4. Financial Support:

    • Must possess adequate means or access to support oneself while in Australia.
  5. Age Criteria:

    • No specific age requirement to apply for this visa.
  6. Health and Character:

    • Fulfillment of health requirements unless the purpose is undergoing medical treatment.
    • Must meet character assessment standards.
  7. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE):

    • Demonstrating the intent to be a genuine temporary entrant.
    • Required to arrange for payment related to medical treatment.

This visa addresses diverse medical needs, allowing individuals to access specialized healthcare or provide assistance to those undergoing medical procedures. The eligibility criteria encompass various health-related situations while ensuring compliance with Australian public health safety standards and visa regulations. Applicants must provide genuine intent to enter temporarily, meeting specific financial and character prerequisites while fulfilling their healthcare needs in Australia.

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