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Child Visa Subclass 101 (Offshore)


Child Visa Subclass 101 (Offshore)

This permanent residency visa aims to facilitate the migration of dependent, adopted, or orphaned children of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. It’s essential to apply for this visa from offshore/outside Australia.

Eligibility requires the child to be under 25 years old. If aged between 18 and 25, they must be a full-time student, financially reliant on the sponsoring parent, or have a disability preventing work due to total or partial bodily/mental function loss.

Moreover, the child must be single and not engaged, married, or in a de-facto relationship. They can be a biological, adopted, or stepchild (from a former partner). However, if the stepparent is the current spouse or de facto partner of the child’s biological or adopted parent, the dependency criteria cannot be met.

For adopted children, adoption should have occurred before they turned 18 by non-Australian citizen/permanent resident parents. If adopted by Australian citizen/permanent resident parents, they should apply for an adoption visa instead.

The child’s parents must sponsor and lodge the visa application on their behalf, sanctioned by the Department. Additionally, other criteria such as health, character, sponsorship limitations, and consent to migrate apply to this visa beyond the basic prerequisites.

This visa pathway serves to reunite families and ensure the well-being and future prospects of dependent children under the care of their Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen parents.

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