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Career Visa Subclass 116 Offshore


Career Visa Subclass 116 Offshore

The Career Visa, available in two categories (Subclass 836 Onshore and Subclass 116 Offshore), is designed for individuals wishing to relocate to Australia to provide care for their sponsoring Australian relative—be it a settled citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. The specific requirements differ based on whether the applicant is inside or outside Australia at the time of application and visa grant.

Offshore Career Visa Subclass 116:

For individuals outside Australia during application and grant, sponsorship by the relative or their partner is essential for the first two years of the applicant’s stay in Australia. The applicant must demonstrate the willingness and capability to offer continuous substantial care and support to their sponsoring relative or the household member they live with. This care must be critical due to the relative’s lack of reasonable access to care options within Australia. Understanding the sponsor’s medical condition and care needs is a vital part of the application process.

Onshore Career Visa Subclass 836:

Contrarily, for applicants already within Australia during application and grant, the same sponsorship and care obligations apply. The primary difference lies in the applicant’s location at the time of the visa process.

Both visa categories necessitate sponsorship by an eligible relative, approved by the Department of Home Affairs. While these are the fundamental criteria, several other factors, including health and character requirements, are part of the visa conditions.

The Career Visa offers an opportunity for individuals to provide crucial care and support to their Australian relatives, ensuring their well-being in situations where accessible care options are limited. To gain comprehensive insight into the visa requirements and for guidance in the application process, please contact us. We are here to assist you further and ensure a smooth application experience.

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