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Job Ready Program

Job Ready Program by AMEC - Professional guidance and support for international individuals participating in the Job Ready Program.

Job Ready Program

The Job Ready Program, administered by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA), is designed to enhance and cultivate the skills and capabilities of international students within Australian workplaces. It serves as a pivotal requirement for skills assessment, particularly for international students who’ve completed their degrees and aim to work or permanently migrate to Australia, lacking adequate job experience in their desired occupation. This program facilitates hands-on work experience within genuine Australian work environments.

Structured as a three-step initiative overseen by TRA, participation necessitates registration and successful completion of the three-stage process.

Our role involves aiding students through this comprehensive process, providing guidance in selecting the appropriate occupation aligned with their qualifications.

Connect with one of our registered migration agents for dedicated assistance in navigating the application procedure for the Job Ready Program. We’re here to help you smoothly transition through this crucial phase of your career aspirations in Australia.

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